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Frequently Asked Questions

  • By phone at 413-585-2800
  • By email at
  • Stop by during business hours
  • SOME appointments are available online through the Patient Portal 
  • 24/7 for free off-campus telehealth on the My SSP app

Please be aware that you will need to fill-out paperwork online that will be sent to you through the Patient Portal before you can be seen. Once you book an appointment the paperwork will be available to you.

  • Call us at 413-585-2800 or stop by during business hours.
    During our business hours, you will be connected with a member of our staff and seen the same day or connected to emergency services. Nights and weekends, our number will connect you with licensed on-call providers.
  • Call Campus Safety at 413-585-2490 who can take you to the hospital
  • Call 911
  • Call 988 for The National Suicide and Crisis Hotline
  • Go to your nearest emergency room
  • Please see other resources on the Crisis Resource page

Groups generally offered include the following topics: Sexual and Dating Violence, Grief, ADHD Skills, TGNC Support, BIPOC Support, Immunocompromised/Chronic Illness Support, DBT Skills, Healing from Disordered Eating, and many others.

Therapists schedule continuing appointments as needed, so first meet with a therapist and then discuss a treatment plan with them.

  • Some same day/single session appointments as well as group sessions can be booked online through the Patient Portal
  • If you are unsure what kind of appointment you should have, just call us.
  • If you need to see someone right away or have a specific treatment request, please call us at 1-413-585-2800.

  • The first time you come you will have a single session/same day appointment. The therapist will then speak to you about what kinds of services might best meet your needs given our resources.
  • If you have insurance or financial resources and/or require specialist care, you may be referred out into the community. Your therapist and our Care Coordinator will help you with this process.

  • We encourage you to check out our staff page.
  • ALL staff are dedicated and trained to work with a variety of student identities.

If you are working with one of our Counseling Service staff, they will be in the office at the Schacht Center. You may elect to meet in person and masked, or over Zoom.

This is an online telehealth service that provides free counseling to any Smith student, in over 150 languages, no matter your location. The providers are not a part of the Counseling Service staff. TELUS Health uses an app or can be reached by phone.

  • Last year more than 35% of the students visited the Counseling Service
  • More than half of any senior class has visited the Counseling Service
  • The racial distribution of students who visit the Counseling Service is slightly larger than the broad student population.
  • There is no charge for any services, except some lab services. Prescriptions filled at pharmacies may have a co-pay.
  • We are generally open 8:30 a.m.– 4:30p.m. daily, but some ongoing individual and group sessions are available in the evening. My SSP sessions are available 24/7.