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Students currently taking medications prescribed by a provider at home can have most prescriptions transferred to a local pharmacy. We do not provide allergy shots or oral serums. Students requiring this level of allergy treatment are referred to local allergy practices. We prescribe most contraceptive methods; antibiotics; treatments for illness, infection or injury; and some psychotropic medications. Schacht Center Providers do not prescribe Accutane; students seeking this medication are referred to local dermatology practices.

Continuing Current Prescription Medications

If you would like for the Schacht Center to continue a prescription that you had ordered at home, please call Health Services to discuss your needs with Schacht Center staff. You will likely need an appointment with a provider so they can learn about your health history. Please call weeks in advance, if possible, to ensure that an appointment can be scheduled before you need the medication refilled.

When You Need a Prescription Refill

For refillable prescriptions (look on the prescription label and see if there are any refills remaining), you will want to call the pharmacy directly (not Medical Services) at least 3–5 days before your prescription will run out.

  • Get the phone number of the pharmacy from your prescription. You also will be able to find this information online.
  • Have your bottle/packaging with the prescription number ready to enter or tell the staff.
  • Allow a few days so that you will have plenty of time to get to the pharmacy and so the pharmacy can order the medication if it is out of stock.
  • For monthly, long-term prescriptions (such as birth control pills), ask the pharmacy if they offer any automatic refill or reminder/text services for which you could sign up.
  • Whenever possible, start working on a refill for your medication several weeks to a month before you will run out of that medication, if your prescription says “REFILLS: NONE.”

If you believe that you want or need a refill of a medication that says “REFILLS: NONE” on the label, then you will need to call Medical Services at 413-585-2800 and make an appointment with a provider to discuss ongoing treatment.

Picking Up Your Prescription

Please allow one hour after your appointment to pick up your prescription. If more than four days pass, they may cancel the prescription. Go to the “Pick Up” area and provide them with your name and birthday. Be prepared to show your insurance card (and in some cases a photo ID). If you have Smith insurance, you will need a copy of your insurance card or verification letter.

Follow the steps below to print a copy of your insurance verification letter:

  1. Go to
  2. Login under “Profile.”
  3. Navigate to “Account Details.”
  4. Click “Verification of Coverage.”

To request a copy of your Smith College BCBS Student Blue Insurance card, visit or call BCBSMA at 1-800-253-5210.

Students will need to provide insurance information to the pharmacy prior to filling prescriptions. Our medical and psychiatry providers are available by appointment to discuss medication. Please call the pharmacy to see if additional refills are available before calling the Schacht Center for a new prescription.

The closest pharmacies to campus are:

  • Serio’s Pharmacy: 68 State Street, Northampton, 413-584-8980
  • CVS Pharmacy: 90 Main Street, Northampton, 413-584-2580