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Health Form for Incoming Students

Please see below for School for Social Work Students, who are not required to submit a physical

The health form is required for undergraduate students, visiting and transfer students, Ada Comstock Scholars and graduate students and is due June 15. School for Social Work graduate student forms are due April 10.

Students who study abroad or otherwise take time off from their on campus studies are required to update the demographic and tuberculosis screening portion of health forms upon return to campus.

Upload completed forms via the secure patient portal or send to:

Smith College Medical Services
21 Belmont Avenue
Northampton, MA 01063

In order to protect the health and safety of each student and our community, failure to provide required documents will result in a hold being placed on your account. Please contact us with any concerns you may have about completing the forms at

Students having difficulty scheduling appointments or obtaining vaccines with their health care providers may find that their local health department, walk-in clinic, urgent care center or pharmacy can provide required tuberculosis screenings, vaccines and/or physicals.

SSW Students

Students submitting any portion of their required health information online must also submit physician verified information via mail or fax by deadline. 

Students having difficulty scheduling appointments or obtaining vaccines with their health care providers may find that their local health department, walk-in clinic, urgent care center or pharmacy can provide required tuberculosis screenings, vaccines and/or physicals.

Medical Records Release Forms

The release form is required to allow the transfer of medical information from Smith College Health Services to a secondary provider, such as your primary care provider at home or a referred provider.

Mail to Health Services at 21 Belmont Avenue, Northampton, MA 01063, fax to 413-585-4639 or email to

Requests are fulfilled in the order in which they are received and may take up to two weeks to complete.

Immunization Record Request

If you are an active student, you can log into Smith Health Services Patient Portal and print your immunization record. After logging in, select Immunization, View History and click on the printer icon. If you are not an active student, contact 413-585-2800 or email to obtain a copy. We can mail, fax or email your immunization record to you.

Patient Portal

In order to access the Patient Portal you will need to use your Smith network username and password. Please note: new students will not have access to the portal until mid-January or early June, depending on their enrollment date.

  • Undergraduate Students, Visiting and Transfer Students, Ada Comstock Scholars, and Graduate Students
    • Fall admission deadline is June 15. Spring admission deadline is January 11. All new entering students must submit all information by the deadline.
  • Undergraduate Athletes
    • If you are playing an NCAA team sport you must also submit the NCAA Pre-Participation Physical Exam (last page of the health form) signed by your medical provider by deadline. This form is not required for intramural or club sports. This form must be used. We cannot accept any other form.​​​​​

Once you have received your Smith network username and password, log in and use the portal on the Patient Portal page.

Frequently Asked Questions

If these FAQs don’t help you find the answers you need, please call us at 413-585-2250, or email us at

Can I email you my forms?
No. We do not accept emailed records. Email is not a secure method of health care correspondence. Don’t forget to keep copies for yourself.

Where do I send my forms and records?
Forms can be uploaded to the Patient Portal or mailed to:

Smith College
Schacht Center for Health and Wellness
21 Belmont Avenue
Northampton, MA  01063

Can I just send vaccine records from my last school or my last doctor’s appointment to you?
Yes. However, do not assume you have received all required vaccines as requirements may change and vary from state to state. Massachusetts immunization requirements are very strict. Carefully review your records against the requirements to be certain you submit complete documentation.

I can’t get every required vaccine in my home country. What should I do?
Don’t worry. You can get all required vaccines at local pharmacies, such as CVS or Walgreens, in Massachusetts, or you can schedule an appointment at Health Services for most vaccines.

Can I waive vaccines? I did not receive standard childhood immunizations. What should I do?
We strongly recommend that all students receive immunizations as required for school entrance by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These requirements exist to protect the health of every individual student, our campus community, and protect the public health of our global population. Massachusetts allows exemption from vaccines for only two reasons: medical or religious exemption. Massachusetts does NOT recognize philosophical exemptions to vaccines. Students with valid exemptions must complete a Smith College vaccine exemption waiver by deadline date and prior to registration and orientation. Contact the Schacht Center for questions at

Students with further questions about vaccines, or medical or religious vaccine exemptions, are encouraged to review the information below and from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and contact the Schacht Center with questions.

I can’t get Tuberculosis Blood Tests (IGRA Tspot or Quantiferon Gold) in my home country. What should I do?
If you arrive in Massachusetts before college orientation, please be in touch with us. We can arrange for you to have testing performed. We can also perform the test here on your first day of orientation.

Is there a place near campus I can get vaccines, or otherwise complete my forms ?
Yes. Northampton has several walk in clinics conveniently located near campus:

  • CVS Minute Clinic, 366 King Street, Northampton, 413-586-8315
  • Cooley Dickinson Urgent Care Clinic, 30 Locust Street, Northampton, 413-582-2330
  • OnCall Urgent Care Clinic, 6 Hatfield Street, Northampton, 413-584-7425
  • Baystate Urgent Care, 325B King Street, Northampton, 413-387-4197
  • MedExpress, 424 Russell Street, Hadley, 413-253-0483

    Do I need a TB test?
    Only If you answer “yes” to the screening questions. Your doctor MUST sign the form.