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Health reps are elected by houses and serve as liaisons between Health Services and the residential student body. The major goals of the position are to supply the houses with health promotion information and resources, such as latex products.

Who Would Qualify to be a Health Rep?

  • Are you a pre-health student?
  • Thinking about a career in the health field?
  • Interested in public health?
  • Have you had previous experience in peer-to-peer education?
  • Interested in health education?
  • Passionate about health and well-being at Smith?
  • Want to make a difference on the Smith campus?

Benefits of Being a Health Rep

  • Leadership and communication experience
  • Knowledge and training on current health issues 
  • Public health education experience
  • Building support and community with Smithies


Attend a general health rep meetings once a month.

Health reps are responsible for attending a monthly meeting with all health reps to share concerns from their house, receive information from Health Services to share with their house, and to learn about specific health issues from guest speakers/professionals. Food is always provided!

Share information with the house.

Bathroom Stuffers: Supply and maintain bathroom stuffers to each communal bathroom. Stuffers contain useful health information on a variety of subjects, and should also include the health rep's contact information. Health reps are expected to check the stuffers regularly to restock pamphlets that they think contain relevant information for the house.

Health Bulletin Boards: All health reps are encouraged to have a bulletin board. At minimum, boards should include Health Services hours, numbers, services offered, and promotion of the Health Services Web site. The information should be appropriate as it is a representation of Health Services and is seen by a variety of people with different sensitivities to different health issues. Postings of insurance information are also highly recommended.

Study Breaks: health reps are trained as peer educators in a training session at the beginning of the academic year. The training covers stress management, STIs and contraception. To share this infomation with their house health reps are encouraged to hold “study breaks” throughout the semester in which they discuss information obtained in the training and subsequent meetings. 

Assess and address the health issues in the house.

Every house will have a drop box in which students can anonymously share their health concerns that they wish to be addressed. The health rep is responsible for evaluating these issues and sharing the most prevalent issue at the monthly health rep meeting, at which point a personalized plan will be assigned to the health rep for addressing the issue. Health reps can be trained on the specific issue and then share the information with the house, or a professional may come and speak at the health rep's house during a scheduled time.

Distribute latex.

Every house receives with a starter budget (like credit) for latex (and latex-free) condoms, dental dams, gloves, and lubricant from Health Services. Once that budget is depleted, houses can use their own funds to order additional supplies at discounted clinic prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between health reps and wellness reps?

Both health reps and wellness reps educate students on prevention and treatment of health issues. Health reps are elected in houses, serving as liaisons between the house and Health Services. On the other hand, wellness reps are not elected, but volunteer to work on the campus level and in correspondence with Wellness Services.

How do I order latex?

Fill out the form and send the document to When you are notified, pick up your order at Health Services. Your budget for latex is $0.50 per student, per year.