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Group of students having tea in a house living room

Residential life at Smith plays an important part in your education. Smith is committed to a co-curricular environment that enhances and enriches the academic program: residential living is an integral part of that education. Students come from varied cultures, backgrounds and social identities, and the houses provide unique opportunities for them to learn about one another’s experiences.

At its best, residential living fosters a sense of community and encourages a range of ideas. Each Smith student is challenged to balance the freedom of the individual, each with their own unique self-direction, with a respect for the rights of others. These expectations are not always reached, however, and interpersonal tensions, value conflicts and discomfort caused by close community living are not unusual. Learning to respond appropriately, to take responsibility for oneself, and to overcome adversity are important elements of personal growth and of a Smith education. Every member of the Smith community has the right to be treated with respect; behaviors that show disrespect for individuals or groups will not be tolerated. The ability to deal with complex issues and to resolve conflict will serve each student well—both at Smith and in the wider world.

Students are responsible for reading all published information and meeting all deadlines. This includes, but is not limited to, email messages and information in the catalog, the handbook, the housing contract, eDigest and other posted notices. Failing to read available materials is not an excuse for missing deadlines or for being uninformed about policies and regulations.

House Social System

House events are an important part of life at Smith. To assist in keeping events successful, relaxed and safe, students planning events in the houses are required to submit an Event Form which is on their house's Smith Social Network page. House members can find more information about events at the Types of House Events information form. Each House Council should discuss and decide what events they would like to host as a house community. If you have additional questions please contact the coordinator of house events at

Fall Semester 2022: Paige MacKinnon

Spring Semester 2023: Bess von der Heydt


Below are links to helpful resources to navigate the House Social System. If you have any questions about these resources please email

House Social System Guide

Campus Pool Funding Request Form (on Smith Social Network) 

Forms & Applications

Most forms and applications are now centralized on student Residence Life Self-Service pages, via the Smith Portal.

Smith Portal

  • Residence Life Information Form 
    Entering First-Years and Transfers, May 20-June 15 (Priority Deadline June 1)
  • Residence Life Information Form 
    Entering Ada Comstock Scholars, May 20-June 15
  • Ada Comstock Change of Housing Status Form 
    Current Ada Comstock Scholars, April 15-June 1
  • Post-Room Draw Change Form 
    Day After Room Draw - Last Day of Spring Classes
  • House/Room Change Request Form 
    Fall 2022: September 20-December 1 
    Spring 2023: February 9-April 14 
    More information about requesting a house or room change.
  • Room Condition Report 
    All on-campus students must fill out a room condition report within 24 hours of moving into a new space. Unreported damage or missing furniture may result in charges when you move out. 
  • Roommate Contract 
    All students sharing a room with another studet(s) must complete a roommate contract.

Room Draw & Lottery

All students (unless they were accepted into special interest housing, are an Ada Comstock Scholar, or have a housing accommodation and did not select the "join room draw" option on the Housing Accommodation Form) are required to fill out the Room Draw House Request Form. This form is available from late February to early March.

In addition to offering traditional houses, Smith has a variety of special-interest housing options, including food co-ops and apartments. Most are available only to sophomores, juniors and seniors; students from all classes may apply for a substance-free community in Chase House.

House/Room Change Requests

The Room Change Request Form can be found on your Residence Life Self-Service page (via the Smith Portal) under the “Application” tab.

Smith Portal

Before submitting a Room Change Request Form, please consider following these steps:

  1. If you hope to move from a room with a roommate, try to first communicate directly with your roommate about your shared space and what you both need to establish a positive living environment. Consider the items you discussed when completing your Roommate Contract.
  2. Consult with your house's student Residence Life staff. They can offer you additional support and facilitate a roommate mediation (if necessary).
  3. You may also wish to consult with your area director to confirm the process and discuss next steps.

When you submit your Room Change Request Form, your name will be added to a room change waiting list. The assistant director of housing operations maintains this list. She will reach out to you when a room in a house you requested becomes available (and you are next on the waiting list for that particular house). 

The length of time between your form submission date and when/if you receive a room change offer varies according to the individual's needs and the requested house. Room availability is constantly in flux. If you'd like to receive a room change offer as soon as possible, you should list on your request form every house that you would be willing to relocate to.

  • You do not forfeit your room by completing a Room Change Form. You can always elect to stay in your room, even if you are offered a change. If you deny a room change offer, your place on the room change waiting list is relinquished and you will need to complete another room change form if you wish to move. Thus, please only list houses on the form that you would actually consider moving to!
  • If you wish to swap rooms with someone, you both still need to complete a Room Change Form (indicating the specific swap request in the "notes" section) and set up a consultation meeting with your ResLife staff. Students may not simply change rooms by trading keys. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action.

Keys & Work Orders

The Office of Residence Life works closely with Facilities Management for maintenance concerns in the houses and the distribution/replacement of keys. You play an essential part in helping us maintain the houses and the furniture in the houses.

If you observe a maintenance concern in your house you should complete the online service request at TeamWorksLive. Common examples are (but not limited to):

  • broken window lock
  • concerns with heat
  • broken furniture
  • pest concerns

Your in-house residence life staff can offer assistance in filing a service request if you have questions. If you feel that maintenance issues are not being addressed appropriately, please contact the Office of Residence Life at

All students are issued a key for their room (unless they live in Cutter or Ziskind). All houses have OneCard access for the front doors. If you have a closet outside of your room, you may request a closet key. If you have a closet inside your room, you can request a closet key if you deem it necessary. The key request form can be found under the "Applications and Forms" tab on your Residence Life Self Service page.

If you get locked out of your room...

If you get locked out of your room, you must contact campus safety to let you into your room. 

If you lose your key(s)...

You will need to contact the Office of Residence Life immediately. This is especially important for keys that have been stolen. There is a required online Key Request form that you must fill out in order for staff members in our office to request replacement key(s) from Facilities Management. You will be contacted when your keys are ready to be picked up. 


A charge will be assessed to your account for replacement keys. Charges for lost keys are as follows: $80 for a lost room key. This is $30 for the student's replacement key plus an additional $50 for core change. If the student has a roommate or roommates, the student is responsible for replacing those keys also, at a cost of $30 for each roommate. There is a $30 charge to replace a lost closet key. Lost key charges for the Friedman Apartments are $50 room re-core, and $30 x 4 for keys (total $170).

If a replacement key or a core lock replacement key is ordered but not claimed, or if the keys are found and returned after the order for new keys has been placed, you will still be charged the appropriate fee. This charge will be applied to your bill.

Third-Party Vendors

Smith College strongly encourages all students living on campus to purchase property insurance to cover the personal belongings they bring with them to campus. Students can purchase renter’s insurance from most insurance companies, they can have their belongings insured through their family’s homeowner’s insurance or they can purchase specific insurance for college students living in residence halls. For this last option, Smith College has partnered with National Students Services Inc. (NSSI) to offer this choice for Smith students. You can read the NSSI information brochure or view the NSSI informational video to learn more about the services NSSI offers. Sign up for property insurance through NSSI

Students are permitted to have refrigerators on campus. These cannot be larger than 3.5 cubic feet and must be Energy Star rated. The college does not allow students to have stand-alone microwaves on campus. Smith College has contracted with My Micro Fridge to provide Microfridge rental services to on campus students. Having a microfridge is the only way a student can have a microwave in their student room. The microfridges provided by My Micro Fridge are the highest efficiency, have USB charging ports and a variety of other safety features. My Micro Fridge will deliver the microfridge to a student's room and pick it up when the student leaves campus. You can read more about the specific product in the My Micro Fridge brochure or view the My Micro Fridge video. Sign up for a microfridge rental.

We encourage all students to use off-campus storage options. Below are some community resources. Smith’s preferred provider of shipping, storing and moving services for students is Boomerang Storage. All other storage vendors have no formal relationship with the college

Boomerage Storage

  • Smith’s preferred moving, storage and shipping company
  • Pickup and delivery to your room
  • Free boxes and tape
  • Insurance

Additional Options

Amax Storage
Leased storage units

The Hamptons Self Storage
Leased storage units

All College Storage
Pickup and delivery to Smith College

Storage and shipping; Pickup and delivery to residence halls

College Storage USA
Pickup and delivery to residence halls

The UPS Store
In addition to mail services found in the basement of the Campus Center, the UPS Store provides the following services:

UPS, USPS, DHL shipping

  • Pickup at your room
  • Shipping anywhere in the world
  • Packaging service
  • 10 percent discount

Need to ship your things home? Contact the UPS Store in Northampton at 413-584-7490.

Off-Campus Housing

Before considering off-campus living, students should communicate with Student Financial Services to determine if and how living off-campus will impact their financial aid or grants.

A limited number of senior students are given permission, through a lottery process, to live off-campus. The off-campus application form for the senior off-campus lottery opens in early February.

Off-campus petitions are available on your Residence Life Self-Service page beginning the day following Room Draw at 10 a.m. The deadline is June 1. 

Students who are not rising seniors (or who are seniors but missed the senior off-campus lottery deadline) must petition to waive the on-campus living requirement in order to live off-campus. Further documentation to support the request may be required. Students are not guaranteed to be approved to live off-campus. Entering first-years and rising sophomores are rarely approved unless requesting a temporary change.

Exceptions are made for students who are married/in a civil union or living at home with parent(s)/legal guardian(s). These students may automatically receive an exemption from the on-campus housing requirement. To receive an automatic waiver please contact the Office of Residence Life at

Students living at home with their legal guardians must live in one of the following communities. These towns are within a 20-mile radius (driving) of Northampton:

Amherst, Chesterfield, Conway, Cummington, Easthampton, Goshen, Granby, Hadley, Hatfield, Haydenville, Holyoke, North Amherst, Northampton, Pelham, South Deerfield, South Hadley, Southampton, West Chesterfield, Westfield, Westhampton, Whately or Williamsburg.

If you were previously approved to live off-campus and now wish to return to on-campus living, please complete the form below. All students are guaranteed an on-campus assignment at Smith, but Residence Life cannot guarantee a specific house or room placement. 

On-Campus Housing Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose a room key?
When this happens, we must replace all keys assigned to the room, and provide a new core lock mechanism for the door. The total for a single room is $80 ($50 re-core, $30 room key). The total for a double room is $80 ($50 re-core, $30 room key, $30 roommate key). The total for a triple room depends on the room and door configuration but can range between  $80 - $160. Please know that all roommate keys must be replaced regardless of whether or not you have a roommate. 

What do I do if I withdrew and left campus without returning my key?
Please return your key! If you can come in person, please return it to Clark Hall as soon as possible. If not, mail it to the address listed below in a padded envelope, so the key does not rip out in the mail.

Office of Residence Life
50 Elm Street
Clark Hall, Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

IMPORTANT: If we do not hear from you we will assume the key has gone missing.

Is smoking allowed in the houses?
Smoking is forbidden in all campus buildings and anywhere within twenty feet of any building. 

What if I have a disability?
If you have a documented disability—including, but not limited to, sensory or mobility impairment, a chronic illness, a learning disability, a medical or psychological condition, or being in recovery from substance abuse—we encourage you to register with the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) as soon as possible. You can do this by completing the Disability Identification Form you received in the first communication from the Office of Admission and returning it directly to the Accessibility Resource Center, College Hall 104. The form contains instructions and describes the requirements for submitting supporting documentation. Before or immediately after your arrival on campus, please schedule a meeting with the ARC staff to discuss accommodation plans. This is especially important for students needing help to get books in alternative formats, e.g., tapes or disks. Call the Accessibility Resource Center at 413-585-2071 or via TTY at 413-585-2072 if you have any questions.

I'm on leave for the fall semester. How do I get a spring assignment?
Students returning to campus in the spring semester from studying abroad in the fall will receive an email the first week of November with a link to the "Spring Room Assignment Request Form." You will complete this form and indicate if you want to return to your previous house and other preferences. We will do our best to place you back into your previous house assignment if you desire but it all depends on availability. We are unable to guarantee any assignment, including assignments for students with disability-related accommodations. 

I'm currently withdrawn for the fall semester. How do I get a spring assignment?
We cannot assign housing to withdrawn students until we receive official notification from the registrar that they have been re-admitted to the college. This happens after a student has paid their deposit (usually in December or January). If you have any questions regarding your readmission process, please contact your class dean.

I was planning on going away for the spring but I have decided to stay. How do I keep my current room assignment for spring?
You need to let the Global Studies Department know if your intention to remain on campus. You will then need to check in with Residence Life to let us know. Once these two things happen you will be able to keep your room assignment for the spring. If you happen to receive an email from Residence Life asking you to confirm your plans to study off campus for the spring, please write to us RIGHT AWAY to let us know of the change. 

Is it possible to move off campus?
Yes. Students who are not rising seniors (or who are seniors but missed the senior off-campus lottery deadline) must petition to waive the on-campus living requirement in order to live off-campus. Any student may request an off-campus assignment by completing the Petition to Live Off-Campus, which is available your in Residence Life Self-Service at the end of each semester, for a change to off-campus assignment starting the following semester. Further documentation to support the request may be required. Students are not guaranteed to be approved to live off-campus. Off-Campus assignments are limited and priority will go to seniors and juniors.

If you are a rising senior and wish to move off-campus for the following academic year starting in the fall, there is an off-campus lottery for rising seniors that takes place during the Room Draw process. Applications for the off-campus lottery are available in early February. In this case, you would not need to complete a Petition to Live Off-Campus, you would complete the Special Interest lottery form for off-campus housing, which is available will be available in your Residence Life Self-Service.  If you miss the off-campus lottery, you can complete the Petition to Live Off-campus, which opens the day after Room Draw.

Please know that living off-campus may affect any financial aid you may be receiving. We always recommend that students check in with SFS to determine this before they decide to move off-campus. Students who elect to live off-campus are responsible for obtaining their own housing accommodations and providing their own meals. Meal plan options may be available upon request. More information regarding off-campus housing is available on our Off-Campus Housing page.

Can I return to on-campus housing after living off campus?
Yes. Fill out the form Off-Campus—Returning to On-Campus Living found under Forms and Applications on the Residence Life website.

Does 150 Elm have a kitchen?
There is a full kitchen in 150 Elm, including a microwave, stove top and oven, refrigerator, etc.

What is the “505 Internal Server Error” message on the RLIF form?
That error is typically a result of too many characters entered into a field. Responses are limited to 200 characters (not words!). Try shortening your responses and resubmitting.

Where do I fill out the housing preference form?
All housing forms are available in your Residence Life Self-Service under "Applications and Forms." You can access your Residence Life Self-Service via the Smith Portal. 

I can no longer see my fall housing assignment, has it been deleted?!
This is very unlikely. Fall housing assignments are sometimes not visible for any students for a brief time during the summer, but they have not been deleted. We hide assignments so that incoming students are not able to identify their assignments prior to when final confirmation emails are delivered in early August. All housing assignments will be visible by August 1. 

Do I qualify for early arrival housing?
Early arrival housing is a scheduled arrival date prior to the official start of the fall semester. Early arrival housing is only available to students under certain circumstances follows:

  1. You are here (staying on-campus)  for the entire month of August, in which case you may sign up to move into your house for Early Arrival. You would move from your assigned Summer Housing house into your Fall housing assignment
  2. You are being paid as student staff to work on Orientation, or you work an on-campus job that is needed for the opening of the college
  3. A Five College course that begins before the Smith move-in 
  4. Certain student leadership positions that require training before the start of the academic year
  5. Athletes who are required to be on-campus for pre-season athletic training and events

Students not previously on campus for the fall semester may be asked to arrive early for the spring semester under the following circumstances: 

  1. Students participating in a winter athletic team
  2. Students registered for a credited interterm course by December 1
  3. Students registered for a department sponsored program by December 1
  4. Students registered for a Five College course that begins prior to Smith classes 

You can stay for extended housing if you are working for commencement/reunion. Your supervisor will add you to the extended housing list with our office. Please check in with your supervisor. You can also sign up for summer housing. There is a fee to stay for summer housing.

What is the housing situation for January graduates (J-grads) who will be attending commencement?
The Office of Residence Life will contact all January graduates via email by March before their May commencement regarding commencement housing. J-grads are able to request commencement housing (provided for the graduate only, no guests), at no cost, by completing the January Graduate Commencement Housing Request Form, which will be included in the email to the graduate. Residence Life will then assign housing to any J-grad who has opted in for commencement housing and contact the graduate via email with their housing assignment in early May. 

What does room draw look like if I have a housing accommodation through ARC?
All students who have a housing accommodation begin receiving emails beginning in December reminding them to complete the Housing Accommodation Form (HAF). The deadline to complete the HAF is February 17. On this form, students with accommodations indicate their choice for the following year. The choices are as follows:

  1. Remain in their current house and room.
  2. Need to update their housing accommodation with ARC.
  3. Current room no longer meets the accommodation we have on file and therefore need a new assignment.
  4. Try for a different room through room draw.

Any student with an accommodation who does not complete this form is automatically re-assigned to their current room for the following year.

Do I need to register my Emotional Support Animal?
Yes! Please go to your Res Life Self-Service page and register your animal at your earliest convenience. The deadline to register your animal is August prior to the first day of classes.

What is the probability of having a single as a first-year?
About 10% of first years will be placed in a single. Probability will be based on what area of campus you are placed in as some areas of campus have more singles to offer than others.

How do I find out my roommate’s email address?
Students will receive their new roommate's name and email address in their housing assignment email in early August. In addition, when you compose a new email in your Smith email account you can type their name into the “To” bar and the student's name/email should come up for you to select.

What will my mailing address be?
You can send and receive mail at the college's postal center, located in the lower level of the Campus Center. Mail is not delivered to student houses. Your assigned unit number will be sent to your home address during the latter part of the summer in a postal information packet. You will keep the same unit number for the duration of your Smith career.  For more information about mail and mail services, please visit the Mail Services for Students page.

How big are the rooms?
The rooms vary in size by house and by the number of students they accommodate. The average single is 9' x 10' and the average double is 12' x 14'. These sizes are approximate. We do not provide dimensions for specific housing assignments.

What size are the windows in the houses?
The size of the windows varies even more than the size of the rooms. Most rooms include a pull down window shade or vertical blinds for student privacy. Students are encouraged to decorate your room with curtains if you wish. Most windows already have curtain rods in them. If your room does not, you can purchase an adjustable tension rod after your arrival either in Northampton or through mail order. Rooms in Cutter and Ziskind houses already have curtains.

What size are the beds? Do we need to bring our own sheets and linens?
You will need twin extra-long sheets for the beds. Plan to bring sheets, blankets, pillows, linens, towels and so on.

Can I bring my own bed and mattress to Smith to put in my room? 
All Smith provided furniture, including bed frames and mattresses, must remain in the room at all times. If the bed removal is due to a medical need, please contact the Accessibility Resource Center. They will work with you to ensure that you have everything that you need at Smith, housing and beyond. Please email the Accessibility Resource Center at for further information.

What are already in the houses and rooms?
There are basic communal items in houses with kitchens—pots and pans, plates, cups, bowls, silverware, etc. In your room, you will have a bed frame, mattress, desk, chair, bureau, mirror and bookcase (shared or attached to desk). There will be basic window shades for the windows. Recycling container and/or small trash cans are also provided. If any of these items are missing upon arrival, please indicate this in your room condition report. Conway apartments are unfurnished.

What should I bring with me?
When you arrive, your room will contain a twin XL bed, desk with chair, bureau, mirror, bookcase, recycling container and trash can, and window shades/blinds. You will need to bring the following items:

  • comforter
  • pillow and pillowcases
  • blankets
  • twin extra long-size sheets (flannel sheets are cozy in winter)
  • towels (face, hand and body)
  • clothes hangers
  • alarm clock
  • lamps and light bulbs

Other items that students often bring include:

  • curtains (except in Cutter and Ziskind houses)
  • laundry bag
  • wastebasket
  • room decorations, including rugs (see policy)
  • computer (and surge protector)
  • small tool kit
  • extension cords
  • bulletin/memo board
  • hair dryer
  • sewing kit
  • first-aid kit (including thermometer, ice pack and hot-water bottle)
  • headphones

You'll need a heavy coat, gloves, a hat, a scarf and warm, waterproof boots for our Massachusetts winters, which can come in November and stay until March. Boots and shoes with good traction are a big help on icy days. For rain, you'll need rain gear and an umbrella.

Appliances that can be used include radios, clocks, TVs, lamps, personal hair dryers, humidifiers, electric blankets, computers and peripherals, printers, coffee pots without an exposed heating element (such as Keurigs). All appliances must have UL approval. Lightweight refrigerators no larger than 3.5 cubic feet in capacity are allowed but discouraged for reasons of sustainability.

Other small kitchen appliances can ONLY be used in the communal kitchen/kitchenette, not to be used in student rooms. Small kitchen appliances cause fire hazards in student rooms.

What can’t I bring with me?
The following items are prohibited because they pose fire hazards:

  • candles and incense
  • lava lamps
  • space heaters
  • paper lampshades
  • kerosene or oil lamps
  • grills
  • refrigerators in excess of 3.5 cubic feet capacity

Also not allowed: Christmas trees, branches, live or dry wreaths.

Can we visit our rooms before school starts, once we know our room assignment? 
No. Because the summer is extremely busy and not all houses are empty at that time, it is impossible for us to show houses and rooms.

What are the options available at Smith for students with food allergies or diet restrictions. Are there vegetarian or vegan options? 
Yes, we do have all those options! We have a vegan/vegetarian dining hall on campus, and every dining hall has non-dairy milk and vegetarian options (usually soy, almond, and rice). In addition, one of our dining halls is specifically nut and shellfish free. Halal and kosher dining is available in select dining locations. We also have a gluten-free dining hall (special access required) available for students with dining accommodations approved by the Accessibility Resource Center. 

Those are the basics, but if you have any further questions you should reach out to Dining Services at

Can I bring a car to campus?
First-year students are not permitted to bring cars. All students should be aware that there is also a shortage of off-campus parking in Northampton. Much street parking is far from the college, and on-street parking is prohibited during snow emergencies from the first declared snow emergency to April 1. Smith College Department of Campus Safety personnel and Northampton police ticket and tow cars parked in violation of college or city regulations.

Where should I go when I arrive?
Before stopping at your house to unload all those treasured belongings, please attend central check-in at the Indoor Track and Tennis Facility, which is part of the Ainsworth athletic complex on College Lane. There, we will officially welcome you with your house and room keys, course registration materials, orientation packet and college publications. You'll also be asked to complete any required forms and resolve any issues related to health services, student employment, financial aid or paying your bill.

Can I request a room change?
To request a room change, you'll want to fill out the Room Change Request Form, found on your Residence Life Self Service page (found through the Smith Portal). You can request a change at any point in time and we will address them on a rolling basis.

Is it possible to tell me which houses have available singles?
Unfortunately, we cannot accurately tell which houses have available singles, as housing shifts week to week when people request to move. However, be specific on the request form, including what houses you'd be willing to move into, what are your top choices, and specifically that you'd ONLY want to move if you could get a single. 

How are rooms assigned for room change requests? 
The way we assign rooms is by matching preferences, in the order they come in, with available rooms. For example, if the  list is Cutter, Ziskind, Chapin, Tyler, and Morris, and you only want a single room. We look at the list of available rooms, and if there are no singles in Cutter, we look at Ziskind; if there are no singles in Ziskind, we look at Chapin, and so on. If we get to the end of the list and there are no singles that match the houses you listed, or if students higher on the list has already been placed in the open rooms, you are put on the waiting list, to be revisited when new rooms open up. The only ways to maximize the chances of getting a room change are filling out the form early and being open to all singles on campus.

How fast is the process?
We address room change requests based on time stamp of the form being completed. It can really vary how much time it takes to make a move, especially if your requests are specific.

Can I swap rooms with someone?
In order to complete a room swap, both people need to complete the Room Change Request Form indicating that you wish to swap rooms. Your swap request should be included in the notes section of the form along with whom will be moving into what room. You should also list each other as your new intended roommate. In addition, if either of you have a roommate currently, the roommate will also need to approve this room swap. This can be done by the roommate by also completing the Room Change Request Form or emailing our office at stating that they approve of the move. Once all parties have approved of the room swap, you will receive a formal room change offer. Both moving parties will then need to identify a time to come to Clark Hall after the offer is made to exchange keys for our records. If you are seeking a room change into a double together, but not in a situation where your roommates are agreeable to a swap, you should both complete the Room Change Request Form indicating that you are seeking an open double and indicating each other as your new intended roommate.

What is the room change process?

  1. If you hope to move from a room with a roommate, first try communicating with your roommate about your shared space and what you both need for a positive living environment. Consider what you completed on the Roommate Contract and how you can identify steps to create a better shared living space. These conversations are important when preparing for your meeting with your Residence Life staff.
  2. Complete the Room Change form and set-up a meeting with your house coordinator, or house community adviser (if your HR is not available). Adas will meet with the apartment manager. In this meeting you will identify next steps which could be mediation with a roommate or gain a better understanding about your request to move.
  3. We also encourage you to set-up a consultation meeting with your area director or attend their open hours. This conversation will help clarify questions, better understand your request, and confirm final decisions. 
  4. When you submit your Room Change Request Form, it will then be placed on a waiting list for the assistant director of housing operations who will find the best possible option for you. The length of time between when your form is submitted and if/when you receive an offer varies by the individual. Open rooms are constantly in flux so please be patient with the process! You do not forfeit your room by completing a Room Change Form or going through the process. You can always stay in your room. If you deny a room change offer then we move onto the next requests first before we provide another room offer to you. 

If you want to swap rooms with someone, then you still need to complete a Room Change Form and may set-up a consultation meeting with your Res Life staff. Students may not change rooms by switching keys. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action. 

I am returning to Smith in January and am curious about what I should anticipate regarding my housing situation for next semester. Will I be placed in my old house?
Fill out the Spring Room Assignment Request Form when that opens in Residence Life Self-Service. You will provide information about your top choice houses and you can also include any preferences in room numbers if you know they are open. We cannot guarantee but we will do our best based on what we have open! We are assigning students who are returning from leave based on class year and form submission date order.

Why do we have a two-week room freeze?
Smith College has a residential requirement for all undergraduate students. When placing our first-year students, we had to use temporary/nontraditional spaces due to the above-average residential numbers this year. 

The only room openings at this point come from students who withdraw. We have a room freeze in order to process all the withdrawals that come directly from the Registar's Office. We do not change a student's room assignment to withdrawn status until we hear from the Registrar's Office, and they need time to process. It is more effective and efficient for both the Office of Residence Life and you if we have time to compile this information and then move forward with room changes. It is also our priority to move students from their temporary/nontraditional spaces first if they choose to do so however they can remain in their spaces for the academic year.

Keep in mind that when we offer a room change, a student can either accept or deny that room within 48 hours. Then we give 72 hours to move. At that point, another space becomes available. Please be patient with this process, as it is often similar to a domino effect as spaces become available.

How do I apply to the special lotteries?
Applications for special lotteries early spring semester, before Room Draw. The special lotteries include Tenney, Hopkins, the Friedman Apartments, Chase Substance-Free community, and the off-campus lottery. If you do not get housing in any of these lotteries then you will be able to enter regular Room Draw. 

Can I apply to more than one special lottery?

Where can I find all these forms?
All forms will be available on your Residence Life Self-Service page (via your Smith portal), under the Application tab.  Note: They will appear when the forms open.

If I’m on leave in the spring, do I still participate in Room Draw for the fall?
Any students on leave in the spring will participate in Room Draw so keep your eyes open for an email about that process! We start emailing in late December, January, and then February when forms open!

I am currently studying abroad and I have inconsistent internet access here, and the room draw lottery occurs at a time that's a little inconvenient for me given my timezone, so I've asked my friend to be my proxy (and sent them an email giving them permission). What else do I need to do?
Your friend will come to Clark Hall front reception on Wednesday or Thursday—at least 10 minutes before your start time—and we will confirm the email confirmation your friend has from you to be your proxy. We will log into the computer system as you (because we have administrator privileges). Then once your time is ready, we will have your friend get on the computer and pick your room for you. They will pick a room right there and you'll be confirmed right away!

With the new duo authentication system, you may be wondering if this will effect being a proxy. It will not affect the process as long as your friend comes to Clark Hall to do your room draw. Do not just send your friend your login information, because then Duo will stop them from being able to log in!

How are room lottery numbers assigned?
The Office of Residence Life uses an online system of assigning lottery numbers to enhance the randomization of lottery number assignments and ensure equity through the room draw process. Each house has a separate lottery that is comprised of rising seniors, rising juniors, and rising sophomores. When we assign lottery numbers, we proceed with the randomization process and then after all room draw lottery numbers are assigned, we manually assign #1 to the House President. Room Draw Numbers are assigned within each class year group (numerical class years only). Rising seniors start at #2 (House Presidents get the top slot), rising juniors start at #100, and rising sophomores start at #200. If there are any outliers who are now the entering class year because they are on leave, they would start at #300. 

What timezone are the Room Draw times?
The email sent to all students with your time to pick your assignment for room draw is in United States Eastern Standard Time zone. Since it’s in April, it’s considered Eastern Daylight Time.

What are some helpful hints on preparing for Room Draw?
Before your time slot begins, clear your cache and cookies on your browser so you can start the process fresh!

  1. Keep the house diagrams open which are located on our website.
  2. Make sure you have MANY back-up plans! You will be able to watch the available bed list update as the lottery goes on throughout the night. It’s important that once you see the last single picked, you know who you want to room with and be able to select them as roommates before your time slot.

What's the Room Draw process with a roommate?
You should plan with someone ahead of time to be roommates, then the two of you will be able to select one another before Room Draw. You and your roommate must be in the same house, because each house has an individual lottery. Either roommate can pick the room, we recommend that the person wih the best time slot pick. Once you have selected to be roommates in the system, only doubles will be visible during roomdraw. To see singles during roomdraw you cannnot have a roomate selected, however, you won't be able to pick a double without a roommate, so it is important to plan ahead. It can be helpful to do roomdraw together with your potential roommate to figure out what rooms (singles or doubles) are available as roomdraw is happening.

I completed Room Draw but am unhappy with the result. Is there anything I can do?
Anyone who is unhappy with the result of Room Draw may complete the Post-Room Draw Change Form. accessible via your Self Service page to request room and/or house preferences. You may indicate that they will accept a single anywhere on campus, or only in specific houses. Limiting preferences to only a few house choices will limit our ability to offer a single.This form is time sensitive so the earlier the you complete  it the higher up you will be on the list. We will use the information you provide on this form to help us determine a suitable room offer when we make our next round of room changes in June.

Room draw is over and I am in an open double. What is going to happen to my open double?
Typically we reach out to all students in June to confirm that you are in a half open double with no roommate. We usually do this after the Post Room Draw Change form offers have gone out. We inquire about potential roommates, or housemates, that we can either consolidate or other students looking to move. It would be the best option if you knew of another student wanting to move that would live with you in your double. If that option is not available, then we look into next options which are current housemates or an entering transfer.

What is a half open double?
A half open double is a room intended for double occupancy that has only one occupant. Students assigned in open doubles through the room draw process should expect the following: Over the summer an effort will be made to fill those spaces with entering transfer students. If students remain in an open double as the summer closes, then they may be consolidated into a room with another student in an open double (the student with the lower class year/lottery number is the one relocated). During academic terms, students in open doubles are expected to remain open to the possibility of a student moving into the vacant bed. Their house coordinator or house community adviser will contact them to discuss students who are interested, and they will be asked to meet to discuss the possibility of rooming together. If no roommate has been found, then students should expect that an entering transfer may be placed in the room assignment over Interterm in January. Nobody is allowed to remain the sole occupant of a half-open double for the entire school year, and they may not decline a room change request simply to keep a room as a single. 

I am interested in living with someone already in a half open double. How does that work?
Student staff in the houses will act as intermediaries to help place you in contact with the student in the half open space. Student staff will discuss your interest with the student currently living in the space, and, if amenable, a meeting will be arranged.

What are some ways I can find a roommate for my half open double?
One option is to look at the roommate finding form for someone who matches your routine or living preferences. To do this, go to the Room Draw tab in self-service, select Roommates/Suitemates, and then use the advanced search tool at the bottom of the page. In the "Other Attributes" section, you can try selecting a box that applies to you and see if anyone comes up. Also fill out the Post-Room Draw Change Form through the Self-Service page when it opens; with this there's a potential to placed in another house in a single or with a more specific kind of roommate.

I want to move into an empty double. Is that possible?
Students can only move into an empty double with a preselected roommate. Moving into a double alone means that the room is then designated as a half open double, which means you must be willing to share the room with a roommate (including meeting potential roommates to discuss living option

There are 15 singles in my house. Why are only 7 of them showing up as available on the "List of Available Rooms" spreadsheet on the Room Draw & Lottery page?

Residence Life will typically hold somewhere between 5-10 single rooms per house for our residence life student staff member room assignments, incoming first year and transfer students and current students with housing accommodations approved through the Accessibility Resource Center. All remaining rooms are listed as available for room draw. 

Where is the Post-Room Draw Change form? 
Log into Portal and then click on Residence Life Self-Service. Then go to Applications and you will find the Post- Room Draw Change Form. It will close the last day of classes.