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Exterior of two Smith houses

A hallmark of the Smith experience is the housing system. Whether you’re a traditionally-aged student or an Ada Comstock Scholar, whether you live in the Quad or on Green Street, at the heart of living at Smith is a keen sense of learning and community. Welcome home.

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Peer into what life is like in a few Smith houses—from the Quad to Green Street—with profiles and interviews with current students.

A Sense of Community

Smith students come from varied backgrounds, and the houses provide unique opportunities for them to learn about each other’s experiences. Traditional-aged undergraduates are expected to live on campus for four years, unless they are studying away from campus. Living successfully in the college houses requires students to balance individual freedom with a sensitivity to and respect for the rights of others.

The 41 houses and complexes range in style from modern to Gothic to classic revival. Each housing option has a sense of community at its core. Depending on which house you are assigned, you may have between 10 and 100 housemates. No matter what size your house is, you’ll live with people who have a range of experiences. In most houses, students from all four classes are represented. Entering students—first-year, transfer and exchange students—are assigned to double rooms and in some cases, singles, as they are available. Returning students generally live in doubles, suites or single rooms.

The house system enables you to formally and informally meet new people and make new friends. The live-in staff consists of head residents or house coordinators, house community advisers and elected student leaders, such as house presidents. Each house council sponsors activities, including lectures, study breaks, discussions, debates, films, workshops, community service opportunities and field trips.

Each Smith student should become familiar with the Student Handbook. This explains various housing and residence life expectations, policies and procedures. If you have questions or concerns about living in campus housing or getting involved at Smith, please contact our staff members. You are also invited to take advantage of the many leadership opportunities the college offers, in and outside the classroom.

All the Smith Houses (In One Minute)