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Friedman Apartments

About The Friedman Apartments

The Friedman apartment complex on Paradise Road, completed in 2016, has 18 four-person apartments. The complex consists of five buildings with four apartments in each building (two apartments on each floor), and four single rooms in each apartment. Two Friedman rooms are reserved for apartment managers.

The houses are named for five pioneering alumnae:

  • Cromwell House, after Otelia Cromwell, class of 1900, Smith’s first African American graduate
  • DeCora House, after Angel DeCora, class of 1896, Smith’s first Native American student
  • Hashimy House, after Sabiha Yassin Hashimy, class of 1937, Smith’s first Middle Eastern student 
  • Machado House, after Salomé Amelia Machado, class of 1883, Smith’s first Latina student 
  • Ninomiya House, after Tei Ninomiya, class of 1910, the first East Asian student to graduate from Smith 

Each house is completely furnished; however, students must provide cooking utensils and cookware.

The original Friedman Apartments were on Henshaw Avenue and opened in 1978. They are named in honor of Robert and Eugenie Friedman (class of 1947), who funded the buildings. On-campus apartments were built in response to requests from students in the 1960s and 1970s for more independent living options.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are available in Residence Life Self-Service (login required) under "Room Draw."

Joining the Friedman Houses

Each Friedman apartment houses a group of four people. Students interested in living in a Friedman apartment must first complete an individual application (on their Self-Service page) by February 13. You will not select roommates at this time, but do make sure each person in the four-person group you want to live with also submits their individual application on time. If you do not submit a form on time, your group members will not be able to select you as a roommate later on.

More information about next steps in the Friedman application process will be sent out by February 17. You will be able to select and confirm your roommates (provided they all submitted their individual application by February 13) at this time. 

It is important to note that only groups of four are able to enter the Friedman Lottery, groups of fewer than four confirmed roommates will not enter the lottery. Additionally, the Friedman Apartments are a competitive housing option and are offered by seniority. This means typically only groups of seniors are selected, and occasionally groups of seniors and juniors are selected.

The Friedman Lottery happens before normal Room Draw, so students who are not selected for the Friedman aparments will complete the regular room draw process.

NOTE: Before considering apartment living, students should communicate with Student Financial Services to determine if and how living in a non-meal plan house will impact their financial aid or grants.