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Appointment and continued employment of non‐U.S. citizens at Smith College is contingent upon securing the appropriate visa (or visa extension). Faculty members are responsible for notifying the appropriate persons of their visa status and needs as soon as possible after their appointment is confirmed. Smith College will then sponsor and assist in obtaining, when applicable, the most appropriate visa for the faculty member. In some cases this will include financial support from Smith.

Faculty members must contact the Provost's Office at 413-585-3000, and Caitlin Szymkowicz, International Students and Scholars office, ext. 4944, to initiate all visa processes.

For more information, visit the International Students and Scholars Office.

If necessary, the Office of the Provost will work with the Immigration Law Offices of Curran, Berger and Kludt  and will make every effort to prepare and submit visa/immigration papers in a timely manner.

Immigration & Visa Application Assistance

Appointments of One Year or Less

Smith College assists with applications for J‐1 exchange visas only. Such visas are handled by the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) Any expenses associated with this application are the responsibility of the new faculty member. If another visa category is available for use (such as F-1 OPT or TN), the ISSO and Office of the Provost will work together to determine whether it can be used for the appointment.

Appointments of More Than One Year

For visiting, limited term appointments:

  • If a short-term visa is available and appropriate for use, Smith will default to this visa. For example, if a visiting faculty has Post-Completion OPT available, Smith will expect a faculty member to utilize that opportunity first before using a Smith-sponsored visa.
  • Smith will assist with applications for J-1 exchange visas where possible. Such visas are handled by the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO). Any expenses associated with this application are the responsibility of the new faculty member.
  • If an appointment lasts or is renewed beyond the scope of short-term visas, Smith will consider options for H-1B and other employment-based visas.
  • If and H1B is pursued, the Provost's Office will sponsor and pay required fees for the H1-B visa.

For Tenure-Track Faculty Only:

  • Permanent Residence ("Green Card") Labor Certification: Following one semester of completed employment, at the request of the candidate, Smith College will begin the green card sponsorship process, paying the required PERM fees as required by law. The Provost's Office will also reimburse or contribute an additional $2,500 towards the total costs of the green card incurred by the candidate.

* For the few green card cases that are projected to take over five years, Smith reviews with outside counsel the possibility of upgrading the green card to a higher category, and, on a case by case basis, will consider supporting such petitions in order to help the faculty member obtain permanent residency in a more timely fashion.

Required Forms

Payroll & Tax Treaty Forms

Filing of all payroll and tax treaty forms should be done at the earliest opportunity. Otherwise, payment of salary may be delayed and/or withholding at 30 percent will be required.

IRS notice 1392 contains specific instructions on how nonresident aliens should complete the W-4 form as well as other pertinent information.)

  • Valid work visa or EAD (Employment Authorization Document) from Visa Office.
  • Valid U.S.-issued Social Security number
  • Form 8233 for tax treaty exemption* (Social Security number is required)

*Not all countries have a tax treaty with the United States; check with the payroll office.

Contact Provost/Dean of the Faculty

College Hall

Smith College

Northampton, MA 01063