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For Students Who Have Been Reported

Overview of Procedures for Students Who Have Been Reported to the Honor Board

If you have been reported for a possible infraction of the Honor Code, you should first talk with the Chair of the Academic Honor Board (AHB). She will explain exactly how the Board proceeds and what you should expect.

You should also talk with your Class Dean. Your class dean will serve as your adviser in the proceedings and will attend your hearing, however the dean does not participate in the decision about any possible penalty.

You may select another person from the college community to accompany you to the hearing as a support instead of your Class Dean, although this person may not address the Board or ask questions at any time.

The Board Chair will set a hearing date, and you are required to attend the hearing. If you are studying away when the hearing is scheduled, you may choose to proceed with the hearing through other means of communication (e.g. Zoom) or wait until you return to campus.

No grade will be given for the work that has been reported, and no grade for the course will be submitted until the issue is resolved.

Remember that the hearing is just that: a hearing, during which the Board will listen respectfully and carefully consider all information before arriving at a decision about the outcome.

You may neither drop the course nor change the grading option after being reported to the Honor Board. If you have registered for the course with the S/U option, the Board has the power to change the grading option to a letter grade.

Confidentiality is extremely important: The Board and anyone connected to your hearing take this very seriously. They will not discuss the case outside of the hearing, and your name will not be revealed to anyone not directly involved with the hearing. The Board advises that you also respect the confidentiality of the hearing.