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Event Capacity

The number of people at a house event is limited to the amount established in the maximum occupancy grid found in the House Social System Guide Shared Drive. Maximum occupancies must be adhered to strictly. The number of people who can be in a house has been set by the college and adheres to the fire codes for the city of Northampton. The maximum occupancy is based on the public space available for the event. If a space is made smaller by any means, such as blocking off an adjoining room, maximum occupancy is reduced. During the party, students working at the door must maintain the count of the persons in attendance and not allow the party to exceed the maximum occupancy.

If the door person(s) admits a number of guests that causes the house to exceed the maximum occupancy, the House Social Event Coordinator or host(s) must take actions to quickly resolve the violation. They must “close” the party until the overcrowding issue is resolved and not allow persons who are outside to enter, regardless of whether they have already been inside the house.

Updated July 2023