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Alcohol Violations and Sanctions

The College Conduct Board and designated college administrators with responsibility for addressing alcohol policy violations will respond to an individual's educational needs in the sanctioning process. Sanctions resulting from College Conduct Board deliberations are covered in the SGA Bylaws, Article XVI, Section 11. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and provides only a range of possible sanctions. Generally, sanctions similar to the following will apply:

  • First violation, if of a minor nature, may be handled by a designated college administrator who will discuss the violation with the student involved and document that conversation in a letter to the student. The college may require demonstration of the student's successful completion of an on-campus or off-campus alcohol education program;

  • Serious first violation or subsequent violations will be handled by the College Conduct Board and may require a minimum of one semester of probation and demonstration of successful completion of an on-campus or off-campus alcohol education program or other similar activity. Students placed on disciplinary warning or probation and later found responsible for subsequent violations of Code of Student Conduct during that period face the possibility of the College Conduct Board's recommending their suspension or expulsion.

All students should be aware that current federal statutes permit notification of parents/legal guardians of a student's violation of college alcohol policy. Both designated college administrators and conduct boards may recommend to the dean of students that parental/legal guardian notification occur. The dean of students will make a final determination of the appropriateness of notification, carrying it out if deemed appropriate. (The dean of students may notify parents/legal guardians without a designated college administrator's or conduct board's recommendation, if the dean possesses information that would support this step.) Each student should note that parental/legal guardian notification may occur if an underage student is responsible for a violation of the college alcohol policy.

A summary of College Conduct Board sanctions is available through the Dean of Students.

Updated August 2023