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Advertising of Student Social Events

  1. Posters, flyers or other forms of publicity for open house events may not extend beyond Smith campus boundaries. Under no circumstance may posters be placed in Northampton, in surrounding towns or announced on the radio or internet. This includes the Facebook and hired DJ websites.
  2. Private house events are by invitation only and cannot be advertised.
  3. Posters for all other events such as movies, performances, parties, conferences and special meetings may be distributed or sent to other college campuses, or to designated places in Northampton. Events (other than house parties) may be advertised on the Web.
  4. Do not place any posters on trees, doors, buildings, posts or walkways (asphalt, cement, grass) on campus. They will be taken down and the organization or house will be held responsible.
  5. All events held in accessible places must be stated as such by including a symbol or a sentence denoting accessibility on posters or other printed material.
  6. Smith College prohibits promotion and/or marketing of alcoholic beverages or marijuana on campus and social events that encourage drinking, drunkenness or any type of inebriation as themes. The advertisement of such events is not permitted.
  7. Advertisements with language or illustrations that depict or insinuate sexual misconduct are not permitted.
  8. House social events sponsors must obtain the Area Director's approval for all advertisement prior to any posting for open house events.

Updated August 2023