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Two girls in a classroom

There are three adjoining preschool classrooms, each taught by a team of teachers. The regular staff includes a supervising teacher and two assistant teachers. Student workers, rotating assistants and studio teachers support the teaching teams. To the greatest extent possible, children remain with a familiar teacher for the years they are in preschool. 

Teachers create and sustain a caring and respectful community that supports the growth and development of each child. Children and teachers from the various classrooms have the opportunity to come together in small and large groups in the common spaces of the school. Teachers also plan for interactions among the classrooms.

Each classroom has access to the playground and children play outside every day except in severe weather. The full-day daily routine includes lunch, which children bring from home, a nap/rest time and a nutritious snack mid- morning and late afternoon. The curriculum builds on children’s interests through projects and in-depth studies. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the program.

Group of preschoolers playing in a pile of leaves