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Student Advisory Board

Center For Religious and Spiritual Life Advisory Board

The CRSL student advisory board consists of up to 12 students who advise the center staff on programming and events, in service of a cooperative, collaborative model of spiritual engagement between the center and student leaders and other campus stakeholders, as well as the wider community. The board will serve as an interfaith body, helping to accomplish the task of making the religious and spiritual offerings of the center congruent to student needs and hopes. In addition, the ad board will have a focus on the center’s “Reflect, Rejuvenate, Resist” mission, wherein the center plays the role on campus to make spirituality at the heart of how we address world events and social justice issues, and promotes dialogue and action based in contemplative, prayerful practice. The board will also help the center act as a liaison between student religious org leaders, and attend, participate in and provide leadership to center programs wherever possible, in particular the Interfaith Alliance.

The Board

a) advises the center in its leadership role in ethical reflection, supporting spiritual flourishing and engaging religious diversity in the college
b) supports student activism to address ethical issues affecting the community and the wider world, via vigils and other faith-based action
c) helps “gauge” the needs of the student community in responding to world and community events and advises the center in taking prayerful action grounded in contemplative practice and dialogue
In addition, each year the group will specify its own goals based on student interest and community needs.

Please email if you would like to be part of this group!

Our Members

New board member names and bios are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Join the Board

Students who are interested in interfaith leadership, community service and social justice combined with spirituality would be best suited for a position on the on the Center for Religious & Spiritual Life Advisory Board. Everyone is encouraged to apply, whether your spirituality is mainstream or nontraditional. For more information, contact Matilda Cantwell.

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