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Spiritual Guidance

Reverend Matilda Cantwell is trained in giving interfaith guidance and are available to meet with students for a heart-to-heart chat when needed. Spiritual guidance encompasses everything from the deep questions of life, to loving support for a person in times of stress or trouble. It is not based in any particular religious viewpoint.

Some reasons to come to the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life and talk include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and just needing a friendly face and someone with an open heart who will listen
  • Looking for general guidance, direction, and an “ear” to help you discern your own truth
  • Needing a “fresh eye” to help in a given situation
  • Wanting a way to converse about an issue using a spiritual vocabulary

Spiritual guidance differs from psychological counseling in that there is no plan, no goal, no one takes notes. We are just here to chat and we would love to have you visit. All of our services are confidential and are offered to persons of any belief, faith or mixed faith background. We aim to support all seekers in the Smith community.

Seeking Information?

If you would like information on programs, events, religious dining, holidays and traditions, please identify yourself and your interests with us! Email Maureen Raucher at or Kim Alston at to be added to our database and have emails sent directly to your inbox!



Religious Dining

Smith respects the role of food in the lives of students, not only for physical sustenance, but as an expression of culture and faith. The Center for Religious & Spiritual Life works with Dining Services to provide daily and holiday meals in accordance with Jewish and Muslim religious requirements (see Dietary Accommodations). If you have questions about whether our dining meets your religious requirements, please contact Dining Services or send an email to Matilda Cantwell.


Our Kosher-Halal dining facility at Cutter-Ziskind serves lunch and dinner five days a week. The facility is supervised by mashgiach Joseph Laur. In addition, Zabihah meat is provided in a separate bay in the dining room for Muslim students. Visit the Dining Services website to make a reservation.

Kosher Co-op Kitchen

The Smith College Jewish Community Kosher Kitchen (“the K”) at Jordan House serves kosher vegetarian co-op meals on Friday evenings and some holidays.

Vegan & Vegetarian

The Northrop-Gillett dining room serves vegetarian and vegan meals three times a day, seven days a week. In addition, vegetarian options can be found at most dining halls for most meals.

Plan a Vigil

We're here to help you plan a vigil. Students who would like to plan a vigil should fill out request form and send an email to Matilda Cantwell to give us an idea of what kind of support you need.

Vigil Planning Form >

Religious & Spiritual Life Funding

Funds for student expenses may be available for retreats, programs, and conferences related to religion, spirituality, ethics or community service. The CRSL does not fund courses or projects for credit. Use this link to find all of the funding applications 

For emergencies, please fill out the “Emergency Funding Application.” This application is for general travel, and medical/dental/glasses emergencies.

For academic needs, please fill out the “Academic Funding Application.” This application is for textbooks, fine arts supplies, computer repair, special studies, graduate school application processes, post-graduation plans, graduation cap/gown, ivy day clothes, co-curricular activities, and projects/travel with a religious/ethical/community service component.

For conference funding, please fill out the “Universal Conference Fund Application."

Please email Maureen Raucher at and let Maureen know you have submitted a request for funds. 

We recommend you submit your application as soon as you determine that you might be in need of CRSL funding. Sufficient time must be given to review your application and determine the amount of funds to be awarded, prior to your event.