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Center for Women in Mathematics Postbaccalaureate Program

The Postbaccalaureate Program in Mathematics is for women and gender minorities with bachelor’s degrees who did not major in mathematics or whose mathematics major was light. The program provides an opportunity to study mathematics intensively for two semesters at the advanced undergraduate level.

Applicants should have taken at least linear algebra and vector calculus and at least one mathematical course above the level of calculus.

Application deadlines: March 15, 2024 for fall; December 1 , 2023 for spring

Financial Assistance

Full scholarships may be available for some applicants.

In addition to the scholarship, funding may be available for stipends, with priority given to students with financial need. If you wish to be considered for a small stipend, please submit a short description of your financial situation, explaining how additional financial support would benefit your work as a post-bac. Your reply should be no longer than two or three paragraphs. 

Contact Graduate & Special Programs

Seelye Hall 209

2 Seelye Drive

Smith College

Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-3050 Email:

Associate Dean of the Faculty/

Dean for Academic Development: 

Hélène Visentin

Program Coordinator: Ruth Morgan