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Smith College’s sustainability work is informed and led by a set of strategic plans and policies including the college’s Strategic Plan, the Study Group on Climate Change Recommendations, existing and emerging goals and actions for equity and inclusion, and more.

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About the Committee

The Committee on Sustainability is concerned with the best long-term use of finite natural resources and the college's impact on the local, regional and global environment. It identifies, implements and evaluates approaches for increasing Smith's commitment to sustainability in all areas of the campus, including (but not limited to) construction, transportation, materials and energy use, waste management, purchasing, investment and the campus curriculum. It will also monitor the college’s progress toward meeting the recommendations from the Study Group on Climate Change and report annually to the community.

Committee on Sustainability Members

  • Amy Rhodes, Professor, Geosciences
  • Beth Hooker, Director of Sustainability and Administrative Director of CEEDS
  • Becca Malloy, Assistant Director of Sustainability 
  • Mehreen Mirza '25, Quantitative Economics and Statistical & Data Sciences double major 
  • Andrew Cox, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services 
  • Colin Hoag, Associate Professor of Anthropology 
  • Efadul Huq, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Policy 
  • Helen Sher '24, Study of Women and Gender major, Education and Child Study minor 
  • Matthew Tomaszewski, Associate Vice President for Campus Planning and Sustainability 
  • Skyler Williams '25, Biological Sciences and Mathematical Statistics double major 
  • Susan Stratton Sayre, Associate Professor of Economics 
  • Sophia Holmes '26J, History and Environmental Science & Policy double major 
  • Judith Cardell, Professor of Engineering

Specific policies that guide operations on campus will be listed below as they are adopted.

Smith College Bottled Water Policy (PDF)

Smith College Copier and Printer Paper Purchasing Policy (PDF)

Smith College Energy Star Purchasing Policy (PDF)

LEED Silver Statement of Practice (PDF)

Green Cleaning Policy (PDF)