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About the Office of Student Affairs

As a result of the student experience at Smith, students will be able to thrive in a global society. Student Affairs of Smith College will support students in their exploration of self and their roles through engagement and the building of our community.

Clark Hall Student Affairs



By learning who and where they are in the world, students will deepen their understanding of their intersectional identities and those of others through the practiced use of cultural curiosity, reflective engagement with others, and attention to the concept of systemic power. Explorations will help them continue to better understand themselves, particularly their strengths, their learning edges, and ways to tend to their own well-being. Developing awareness will also expand their support of others as community builders.


Through their exploration, students will understand their resources and use their voices to effectively seek opportunities to engage with others from both within the college and the world. Through this, they will develop the skills and use the resources to help them overcome adversity and advocate for their own needs and the needs of others within the contexts of difference and power dynamics. All of this will help them be effective change agents for greater justice and equity.


Students will learn to create a sense of belonging for themselves and for others within their communities. They will learn to listen with empathy, develop strategies for navigating conflict, and build relationships based on mutual respect and accountability. They will be able to find joy and happiness in their life, even amidst incredibly challenging circumstances, rather than waiting for it to find them. They will recognize their responsibility and engage their skills to positively impact their communities.

Our Staff

Julianne Ohotnicky

Associate Vice President for Campus Life/Dean of Students

Clark Hall 203
Open Hours: by appointment (scheduling hub link).

The Office of Student Affairs focuses on issues regarding student life and acts as a resource for information and guidance. The associate dean of the college/dean of students oversees a comprehensive student development program that includes first-year student programs, health and wellness, student engagement and residence life. Dean Ohotnicky promotes programs that help students develop a sense of belonging to a supportive educational community. She is the primary liaison between students and the college administration and welcomes students’ concerns and suggestions.

Becky Shaw

Associate Dean of Students

Clark Hall 204
Open Hours: Monday 3–4 p.m.; Tuesday 9–10 a.m.; Wednesday 3:30–4:30 p.m.; Thursday 1:30–2:30 p.m.; Friday by appointment. 
The associate dean of students assists the dean of students in providing leadership and direction to the students affairs departments and initiatives. The associate dean oversees and coordinates the development and administration of the case management system, student conduct system and tiered student support system, and supervises residence life. Dean Shaw assists the college in developing and coordinating services and programs designed to aid the success of all students, particularly struggling and at-risk students, in compliance with legal requirements and in accordance with college policies.

Marge Litchford

Assistant Dean of Students

Clark Hall 202
Open Hours: Please email your request for an appointment.
The assistant dean of students coordinates programs specific to new students. The assistant dean is available to meet with students by appointment.

Cait Dougherty

Program Coordinator

Clark Hall 106
The program coordinator is responsible for the administrative functions for key student programs such as the College Conduct Board. They manage the central office function, including supervision of administrative assistant staff, oversight of student affairs publications, management of assigned budgets and maintenance of confidentiality regarding student and institutional records.

Alex Wong

Administrative Assistant

Clark Hall 102
As part of the administrative support pool for the student affairs office, the administrative assistant provides support for the directors and administrative staff in the student affairs division.

Global Engagement

Sophia Smith envisioned Smith to be “a perennial blessing to the nation and the world.” Smith students define how the college will provide a meaningful education to each individual. A strong future will require well-educated women from many nationalities and socioeconomic backgrounds who are globally educated and prepared to lead. Smith has global engagement programs and experiences in many areas, including first-year programs, leadership, health and wellness, international students and scholars, multicultural affairs, religious and spiritual life, residential life and student engagement.