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The goal of the Smith College endowment is to provide significant, stable support to the College’s annual operating budget and to preserve the inflation-adjusted value of Smith’s assets to support the College’s future activities. We pursue this objective through equity orientation and diversification and invest primarily through allocating capital to third-party investment managers. Smith invests with a long-term outlook to provide enduring support to the College in such key areas as student financial aid, faculty recruitment and retention, academic programs, and facilities.

Totaling $2.5 billion on June 30, 2023, the endowment is managed by the Smith College Investments Office, under the supervision of the Investment Committee.

Pie Chart: Long Term Asset Allocation Targets - Global Public Equity 27%; Absolute Return 23%; Private Equity 20%; Venture Capital 15%; Real Assets 8%; Cash and Fixed Income 7%

Investment Committee

The Board of Trustees has delegated to the Investment Committee supervision over and the power and authority to make decisions with respect to the investment or reinvestment of the College’s funds with the intent of providing equal benefit to current and future generations.  The responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Engage in strategic thinking and long-term planning regarding the endowment.
  • Review and recommend to the Board the Investment Policy Statement of the endowment.
  • Review the implementation of and compliance with the Investment Policy Statement and the achievement of its objectives.
  • Review investment performance of the portfolio.
  • Provide input and advice to the Resources and Operations Committee concerning the endowment payout rate.
  • Monitor the attainment of investment and financial objectives.
  • Approve policy asset allocation targets, allowable ranges, and asset class benchmarks.
  • Approve new investments, including the retention of investment managers and funds, recommended by the Chief Investment Officer.


Members for 2023–24

  • Deborah DeCotis, chair
  • Andrea Auerbach, vice chair
  • Lisa Black
  • MaDoe Htun
  • Anne Martin
  • Alison Overseth
  • Sarah Willie-LeBreton
  • David DeSwert, non-voting member

Smith College Investments Office Staff

  • Lisa Howie, Chief Investment Officer
  • Brian Dwyer, Director of Operations
  • Caroline Thomas, Director of Investments
  • Corey Walker, Director of Investments
  • Jack Manning, Investment Analyst
  • Megan Feulner, Executive Assistant and Office Manager