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Welcome to Smith as an international student! We congratulate you on your admission, and we look forward to having you on campus here in Northampton soon. There are lots of things to think about as you prepare for your travels. We will guide you along each step, and the resources found here will help you explore on your own as well.

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International Student Pre-Orientation

The 2023 International Students Pre-Orientation (ISP) is a five-day program designed to welcome first-semester and second-semester incoming international students to the Smith College experience through synchronous and asynchronous workshops and activities. We will focus on getting to know the international community at Smith, learning about your Smith resources as an international student, introducing US social concepts/constructs, and supporting cultural transitions.

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Budgeted Cost of Attendance 2023–24

Billed Costs





Food and Housing


Health insurance (required)


Activities fee


Total payable to the college


Other Costs Not Billed

Your SEVIS I-20 lists these expenses for your first academic year. Although the budgeted expenses will rise each year, your I-20 will only record your first year's expenses.



Books and course supplies


House dues, personal expenses


One-time SEVIS fee


Total costs for 2023–24


Smith Budget

As you can see, the Smith College Cost of Attendance budget includes both fixed costs that are billed by the college and non-billed costs. We have estimated these non-billed expenses will cost approximately $3,878 for the 2023-24 academic year. This budget accounts for the costs of books and personal expenses, as well as your SEVIS I-901 fee (see "Immigration & Visa Process" page). These non-billed costs are conservative estimates and must be included in the total amount you certify on your Certification of Finances.

If you receive Financial Aid from Smith in the form of Work Study (campus job), we expect you to apply your earnings toward these non-billed costs.

Please note: There are a number of expenses not included in the cost of attendance budget that students regularly incur. Major purchases such as buying a computer or a winter wardrobe, for example, are not planned for as standard costs. Travel to and from campus are also not included in this standard budget and will be an added cost. When the college closes during break periods, including summer recess, expenses during that time are not included either. Actual non-billed costs incurred will vary per student and are the responsibility of each student. Please plan your budget accordingly and bring with you sufficient funds to meet these expenses.

Contact International Students and Scholars

125 Wright Hall

Smith College

Northampton, MA USA

Phone: 413-585-7598 Email:


Open office hours: Schedule a meeting with Dean Caitlin or with Claire Seely when it’s convenient for you!