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Kosher, Halal, & Dietary Accommodations

Kosher Dining

The Cutter-Ziskind dining hall serves kosher selections and offers specials during Passover and Jewish High holidays.

While the Kosher Kitchen is closed on weekends, meals may be reserved for dinner on Friday; lunch and dinner on Saturday; and lunch and dinner on Sunday. Fill out the form below. Meals may also be reserved for fall break, spring break and Family Weekend. You may also submit a request via email at or call 585-2099.

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Register for Passover Dining

Halal Dining

Halal dining is available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch during the academic year in the Cutter/Ziskind dining room. We serve Zahiba meat when the menu calls for a meat entree.


Smith also follows the Ramadan holiday guidelines for serving food and meals. These special foods and meals are available when the holiday falls during academic calendar year dates.

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Allergy Screening

You can use NetNutrition to help you manage food allergies while eating in Smith dining rooms. However, if you have severe allergies we encourage you to contact the management team at your dining location or send an email with any concerns to

Register With the Accessibility Resource Center

Students with strong allergies must register their dietary accommodations with the Accessibility Resource Center.