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Staff Council Nominations

Elections take place in May.

This year the nomination period is April 23 through May 7, 2024. Staff are encouraged to nominate thoughtful and collaborative colleagues that will represent them well on the council. 

Nominations may be made though the nomination form until May 7.

A link to the elections form will be available on this page from May 15-17, 2024.

Serve on Staff Council

Staff Council is a great way to be involved on campus, meet colleagues in areas of the college you might not otherwise explore, and increase your engagement in the community. Elections are held every spring, and we are always looking for people excited to get involved. Get people involved!

Nominate a colleague!

6 Benefits of Being on Staff Council

Share your voice

Staff council is a lot of fun, but we are not just about cider and donuts! We have a real seat at the table, and a history of affecting real change. Become an active member of staff council to make your voice heard regarding real issues that affect staff.

Advocate for staff equity

Smith staff are vital to fulfilling Smith’s mission of educating women of promise.But our contributions can often feel overlooked in official messaging and engagement activities on campus. Don’t let that happen! Become an active member of staff council and [advocate for your colleagues.] help make the campus community aware of how the important role we play in the life of the college.

Recommend new policies

Staff council leadership meets with the college President and the VP of Human Resources multiple times a year to discuss staff council’s platform.  Personnel Policy Committee members meet with a liason from HR on a regular basis. As a member of staff council, you will be part of the team that is creating and shaping that platform.

Make connections across campus

Staff council is an excellent way to meet people outside of your normal orbit. Connect faces to email addresses! Network! Make new friends!

Build and foster community

Help foster a sense of belonging, while you satisfy your own desire to make a difference. We all have an important part to play at the college—and we are stronger together!

Expand your resume

Communication. Initiative. Advocacy. Demonstrated ability to prioritize. These are not just buzz words: Staff council will look great on your resume! Take advantage of leadership opportunities your participation on council can provide. Increase your job satisfaction, do your part. Experience a greater sense of collaboration and connection to Smith’s mission.

Past Staff Council Accomplishments

  • Advocated for change to retirement program. Beginning on 1/1/23 the age of eligibility to receive employer contributions was reduced from age 26 to 21 to broaden the pool of eligible employees and enable younger employees greater parity in benefits by receiving employer contributions earlier.
  • Funding for the Smith community to participate in the City of Northampton Pride Parade.
  • Initiated the first ever free Photo Day for staff at the College, provided staff with professional headshots.
  • Worked with HR on elder care and child care resources for staff.
  • Collaborations with Smith College Faculty Council.
  • Awarded two Innovation Challenge Grants.
  • Advocacy for the development of the Networking@Smith program
  • Instrumental in reinstating the staff picnic after it was eliminated due to budgetary reasons.

Expectations of being a member

  • Attend monthly General Meetings
  • Join a Committee and attend Committee meetings
  • Attend Staff Council events when your schedule allows