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Digital Media

Digital Media lab in Hillyer Hall

The practice of digital media takes place across Hillyer Hall but is supported in particular by two state of the art media labs: The Visual Communications Resource Center (H218) and the Digital Media Classroom (H320). Both labs are outfitted with high end Apple computers, and the VCRC is supplemented with large format printers, drawing tablets, scanners, etc. The Digital Media Classroom has its own attached critique room for video projections and installations. The digital media curriculum is amplified by The Imaging Center, which supports a wide range of digital technologies, such as 3d printing and both augmented and virtual reality, with tools and staff.

Digital media permeates every aspect of contemporary art making, and students concentrating in digital media make images, videos, animations, sound art, electronic installations and interactive screen-based works. These works vary widely in content, but many focus on the ways that technology has influenced society, culture, and the environment.

Student Work in Digital Media