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Due to budget pressures and the need to take time to assess the best use of our limited resources devoted to our multiple faculty collaborations, we have paused our community based learning grants (CBL) program for AY '24.

To find information on other sources for funding, please visit the College's Internal Grants and Funding page. A pdf of the current moneybook can be found there. The application for Lecture Committee funding can be found in the moneybook and here.

Learning & Research

The Jandon Center for Community Engagement is the hub for community-based learning and research at Smith College. The Jandon Center embodies ethical approaches to engagement guided by principles of reciprocity, empathetic relationship building, asset-based approaches, and cultural humility. Here are some of the ways in which the Center supports faculty with community engagement, learning, and research:

Course Development & Support

Integrating Community-Based Learning/Research into a syllabus:

  • Connecting with experts and community members as guest speakers
  • Providing guidance on field trips to bring theory to life
  • Integrating short-term, community-based work into a course
  • Increasing the focus on community-engaged learning in course development
  • Researching in and with the Community
  • Supporting semester-long projects

In Class Workshops, Presentations, and Trainings

  • Topics such as:
    • best practices for community-engaged learning and research
    • best practices and what to expect when joining a community
  • Facilitated reflection opportunities - before, during, and/or, after community engagement

We look forward to continuing and/or expanding our relationship with faculty across the College. Please contact Madeleine DelVicario ( to discuss your ideas and needs.

Students studying Sylvia Plath in class

Project on Women & Social Change

Project funds are available for faculty and long-term teaching staff members developing a summer workshop, conference, or symposium about women, gender, sexuality and/or the intersection of gender and other categories to be held on the Smith College campus. For more information about how to apply, please refer to our help site or contact Nancy Zigler ( for more information. 

Visit the Help Site Learn More