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Jasmine Pacheco-Ramos ’19

Jasmine Pacheco-Ramos

“I am proud of the recommendations developed by the Study Group on Climate Change. Being part of it was an incredible experience.”

Being a member of the Study Group on Climate Change (SGCC) was an incredible experience. I was able to work with other students, faculty, staff, and alumnae and representatives from the board of trustees to fulfill our charge of examining how Smith could most effectively respond to the challenge of global climate change. While I served on the committee, I had the opportunity to host a fireside chat and help with additional engagement sessions to ensure that other people and students outside the SGCC could share their input. It was also great to be a voice for students as the committee developed the recommendations. The process required difficult conversations, and I definitely learned a lot throughout the project. I’m proud of the recommendations the committee developed and I'm looking forward to their implementation.

About Jasmine

Environmental science and policy major