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Virginia Hayssen

Mary Maples Dunn Professor of Biological Sciences

Virginia Hayssen


Sabin-Reed Hall 236


Virginia Hayssen’s research examines the evolution of reproduction across mammals, specifically exploring how litter size, gestation length, neonatal length and lactation length are influenced by the physical characteristics of an animal as well as by its ancestry and ecology.

A second research emphasis is on pleiotropy, the multiple phenotypic effects a single genetic locus can have on the biology of an animal. Specifically, investigating the agouti coat-color locus, which alters the external color of an animal’s fur but also alters its behavior and internal anatomy.

In addition, Hayssen publishes synthetic reviews of individual mammalian species including all aspects of their biology, their distribution, their conservation and their historical names.

Representative Publications

Hayssen, V., T.J. Orr. 2017. Reproduction in mammals: the female perspective. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD.

Noonan, P., Prout, S., Hayssen, V.; 2017. Pteronura brasiliensis (Carnivora: Mustelidae). Mammalian Species 49: in press

Lurz, P.W.W., Fielding, I., Hayssen, V.; 2017. Callosciurus prevostii (Rodentia: Sciuridae). Mammalian Species 49(945): 40–50.

Hayssen, V.  2016. Reproduction in grey squirrels: from anatomy to conservation. Pp. 115-130 in ‘The grey squirrel: ecology and management of an invasive species in Europe’ (Shuttleworth, C, Lurz, PWW, and Gurnell, J, eds.). European Squirrel Initiative, W. O. Jones, Llangefni, Wales

Hayssen, V. 2014. "Cabassous unicinctus (Cingulata: Dasypodidae)." Mammalian Species 46(907): 16–23.

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Hayssen V., and T. H. Kunz. 1996. "Allometry of litter mass in bats: Comparisons with maternal size, wing morphology, and phylogeny." Journal of Mammalogy. 77(2): 476–90.

Hayssen, V. 1995. "Milk: It does a baby good." Natural History Magazine. 104(12): 36.


Ph.D., Cornell University

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