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Suk Massey

Senior Lecturer in Korean

Suk Massey


Wright Hall 228


As a veteran member of the Smith faculty, Suk Massey nurtures in her students a passion for learning Korean language through interactive classroom activities. She also provides opportunities to experience Korean culture and build relationships outside the classroom through her annual Korean cooking class and the Korean Lunar New Year celebration.

Massey's research interests include curricular strategies for mixed classes of heritage and nonheritage Korean language learners, as well as innovative pedagogical approaches for the digital generation. Out of her research she has developed the electronic Korean textbook series, Korean Grammar Essentials for Fluent Speaking, which is designed for all levels of beginning and intermediate Korean language classes.

Most recently, Massey launched an interterm online Korean intensive study course, a live-lecture class that has drawn students from around the world. In 2018, she was awarded the Sherrerd Prize for Distinguished Teaching.

Office Hours

Spring 2024
On sabbatical.


C.A.G.S., University of Massachusetts Amherst
M.A., Saint Michael’s College
M.A., Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Korea
B.A., Chosun University, Kwang-ju, Korea

Smith/5 College Korean Class

Selected Works in Smith ScholarWorks