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Robert Linck

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Bob Linck


Tilly Hall 202b


Robert Linck focuses on calculational chemistry and dynamics in inorganic chemistry. His lab is interested in applying modern ab initio and semi-empirical quantum calculations to problems of small molecules. They investigate charge and bond length variations in organometallic compounds, organic molecules, examine reactivity in organic and inorganic systems, and explore structurally unusual molecules.

Selected Publications

Hsieh, S., Thida*, T., Nyamumbo*, M.K., Smith*, K.A., Naamad*, N., Linck, R.G., "O-H Stretch Overtone Excitation of Ethyl Hydroperoxide Conformers," Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2011, 115, 14040-14044.

Cunden, L. S., Linck, R. G., "Fe(CO)4 and Related Compounds as Isolobal Fragments," Inorganic Chemistry, 2011, 50, 4428-4436.

Nolan, E. M., Linck, R. G., "Through-Space Charge and Dipolar Effects in Substituted Ethanes and 1,1,1-Trifluoroethanes," Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2002, 106, 533-543.

Nolan, E. M., Linck, R. G., "An Exploration of Long-Range Electronic Effects in Substituted Alkanes," Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2001, 105, 7297-7307.

Nolan, E. M., Linck, R. G., "Charge Variation in Substituted Alkanes: Evidence for a Through-Space Effect," Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2000, 122, 1497-11506.

Poli, R., Owens, B. E., Linck, R. G., "Kinetic Investigation of Halide Substitution in the 17-Electron MoCpX2(PMe3)2 System," Inorganic Chemistry, 1992, 31, 662-667.

Poli, R., Owens, B. E., Linck, R. G., "The First Electron Transfer Chain Catalyzed Ligand Substitution Reaction That Occurs by Transforming an Odd-Electron System Into an Even-Electron One," Journal of the American Chemical Society, 1992, 114, 1302-1307.

Linck, R. G., Owens, B. E., Poli, R., Rheingold, A. L., "Synthesis and Crystal Structure of MoCp(Cl)I(PMe3)2 (Cp=n5-C5HH) and Equilibrium of Halide Redistribution to MoCpCl2(PMe3)2 and MoCpI2(PMe3)2," Gazzetta Chimica Italiana, 1991, 121, 163-168.

Butler, A., Linck, R. G., "Flash Photolysis of Fe(TIM)CO(X)2+ Complexes," Inorganic Chemistry, 1984, 23, 4545.


Ph.D., University of Chicago
B.S., Case Institute of Technology