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Margaret Draft ’13

Alumnae Poet

Margaret Draft ’13

Margaret Draft holds an A.B. in English language and literature from Smith College and an M.F.A. in poetry from the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. She has been awarded the Ethel Olin Corbin Prize and scholarships from The Frost Place for their Conference on Poetry. Her poems have appeared in Radar PoetrySouthern Humanities Review and on Poetry Daily. Her debut collection of poetry, Nowhere Was a Lake, is forthcoming from Four Way Books.

Select Poems

He found it in the pasture,

pulse fast, pawing hay.

He stood over the still

moving body, watching it turn

in the folds of wet soil,

and after hours of contemplation,

decided to give it sleep. He waited

one more day before burying it.


What do you do when a horse dies?

You hollow out the land,

you try to make enough space,

and when you think you have enough,

keep digging.

He said this because

he himself had to enter the hole

with the horse and shovel,

shift the legs, reposition the head.


—first published in Radar Poetry, Issue 30, 2021