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Marc W. Steinberg

Sydenham C. Parsons Professor of Sociology

Marc Steinberg


In Memoriam

As you may know, Professor Marc Steinberg passed away in the summer of 2019 after struggling with pancreatic cancer for the past year. Marc was a beloved teacher, colleague and friend. It is with sadness that we carry on this fall in his absence. No teacher took students’ ideas more seriously than Professor Steinberg did. We honor him by continuing his dedication to all of our students’ growth and learning. Please read his obituary to learn more about his life and career. Stay tuned for information about a memorial to be held at Smith later this fall. It would please Marc to know that we are starting the fall semester with a renewed commitment to intellectual inquiry and contributing positively to the world.

—With all best wishes, the Sociology Department

Office Hours

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Ph.D., University of Michigan
M.A., B.A., Johns Hopkins University