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Kevin Shea

Professor of Chemistry; Chair of the Chemistry Department

Kevin Shea


Ford Hall 312


Kevin Shea focuses on organic chemistry. His lab uses organic synthesis to investigate new methods for carbon­-carbon bond formation and to develop syntheses of biologically active molecules. Completed research has focused on the application of tandem Nicholas and Pauson­-Khand reactions for the synthesis of tricyclic heterocycles.

Ongoing research involves expanding the use of cobalt­-alkyne complexes in organic synthesis. One goal is to develop a tandem Diels­-Alder/Pauson­-Khand protocol for the production of tetracyclic compounds using a diene containing a cobalt-complexed alkyne. Another project involves production of cyclic alkynes  via the Nicholas reaction for use in click chemistry applications.

One newer project involves a collaboration with Steve Williams's molecular biology laboratory at Smith. The goal is to identify new molecules to combat lymphatic filariasis, and we have already seen some success with natural and synthetic neurolenin derivatives.

He is also interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning, especially related to teaching organic chemistry in the lecture and the laboratory. He is a practitioner of active learning and readily incorporates technology. He also pioneers innovations like course-based research in organic teaching labs.

Selected Publications

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Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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