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Cristina Suarez

Professor of Chemistry

Cristina Suarez


Ford Hall 213


Cristina Suarez’s research interests focus on different areas of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Currently her main area of interest is on the application of solution NMR techniques to the analysis of interesting biochemical questions. Her lab is working on the characterization of the structural and kinetic properties of lesioned short DNA structures. The lab uses a variety of NMR experiments (COSY, NOESY, exchange, etc.) to study these properties. She and her students have also recently studied cation (Na+ and K+) transport via natural and synthetic ion transporters/channels. They are currently working on the synthesis of a cyclopeptidic transport system.

Selected Publications

* denotes Smith undergraduate co­author

Campbell, L.,* Tyson, J.,* Stackpole, E.,* Hokenson, K.,* Sherrill, H.,* McKeon, J.,* Kim, S.,* Edmands S., Suarez, C., Hall, A.C., "Assessment of General Anaesthetic Cytotoxicity in Murine Cortical Neurones in Dissociated Culture," Toxicology, 2011, 283, (1), 1­7.

Tsikolia, M., Hall, A. C., Suarez, C., Nylander, Z. O.,* Wardlaw, S. M.,* Gibson, M. E.,* Valentine, K. L.,* Onyewadume, L. N.,* Ahove, D. A.,* Woodbury, M.,* Mongare, M. M.,* Hall, C. D., Wang, Z., Draghici, B., Katritzky, A. R., "Synthesis and Characterization of a Redox­-active Ion Channel Supporting Cation Flux in Lipid Bilayers," Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2009, 7, 3862­-3870.

Hall, A.C., Suarez, C., Hom­Choudhury, A.,* Manu, A.N.A.,* Hall, C.D., Kirkovits, G.J., Ghiriviga, I., "Cation Transport by a Redox­-active Synthetic Ion Channel," Journal of Organic and Bio-organic Chemistry, 2003, 1(16) 2973­-2982.

Suarez, C., Nicholas, E.J.,* Bowman, M.R.,* "Gas­Phase DNMR Study of the Internal Rotation in N­-Trifluoroacetylpyrrolidine," The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2003, 107(17), 3024­-3029.

Suarez, C., Kohler, S., Allen, M., Kolodny, N., "NMR Study of the Metabolic 15N Isotopic Enrichment of Cyanophycin Synthesized by the Cyanobacterium Synechocysitis Sp. Strain PCC 6308," Biochima et Biophysica Acta, 1999, 1426, 429­-438.

Suarez, C., "Gas­-Phase NMR Spectroscopy," The Chemical Educator, 1998, 3(2).


Ph.D., B.S., University of California, Davis

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