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Staff Council Committees

From planning a cider and donuts event to negotiating staff communication with administration to recommending whether the campus go tobacco free, much of Staff Council work is done on committees. Staff Council works to manage both internal Staff Council committees as well as recommending the membership of staff on all-campus committees like the Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation and Committee on Mission and Priorities. Committee participation is a great way to be involved, meet people from across campus, and make a difference from bolstering staff morale to digging into the gritty details of college policies.

Which Committee is Right for You?

Staff Council has six standing committees, and any staff member is welcome to participate. To support staff community engagement, the college provides limited release time to staff, even if they are not elected to staff council. In addition, Staff Council recommends membership to all-campus committees. Joining a committee is a great way to be involved, engage, and meet other staff from across campus.

Full Council Meeting

August 8, noon | Campus Center 205

Activities Committee Meeting

September 29, 1:30 p.m. | virtual meeting

Communications Committee Meeting

Time TBD | Location TBD

Diversity Committee

Time TBD | Location TBD

Membership and Recruitment Committee

Time TBD | Location TBD

Personnel Policy Committee

1st Wednesday, 2–3 p.m. | virtual meetings

The Committees

Staff Council has six standing committees. Each elected member of the Staff Council serves on at least one committee and is expected to serve on and attend all meetings of that committee. Staff from the entire Smith community are welcome and encouraged to join Staff Council committees.

Committee Chairs

The chairperson of each committee is elected by committee members. In addition to planning and running meetings, the chair is responsible for reporting regularly on the committee’s work to the full Staff Council. All committee chairs also serve on the steering committee.

Activities Committee

The activities committee is responsible for participating in the coordinating, organizing and publicizing of special events. These events allow staff to meet and interact with colleagues in other departments across campus, and foster an atmosphere of cooperation and community spirit.

Communications Committee

The communications committee is responsible for informing Smith College staff of the actions of Staff Council, through The Staff Council Chronicle and other means of communication. This committee also advises administration regarding the dissemination of information to staff and the community at large.

Diversity Committee

The diversity committee is responsible for identifying and planning activities on campus that promote diversity. The committee collaborates with the office for equity and inclusion and the President’s Diversity Council in carrying out its mission.

Staff Council has six standing committees. Each elected member of the Staff Council serves on at least one committee and is expected to serve on and attend all meetings of that committee.

Staff from the entire Smith community are welcome and encouraged to join Staff Council committees.

Activities Committee

meets virtually, contact Brenda for Zoom link

  • Caroline Bertrand, Co-chair
  • Andrea Fernandes, Co-chair
  • Cathy Kearney
  • Steaphan Mish
  • Davis Rivera
  • Chris Shea
  • Valerie Thompson

Communications Committee

  • Kai Devlin
  • Ashavan Doyon
  • Lorelei Erisis
  • Laura Gomez, Co-chair
  • Jennifer Kennedy
  • Andrew Maurer, Co-chair
  • Abril Navarro

Diversity Committee

  • Kai Devlin
  • Lorelei Erisis
  • Rachael Hagerstrom
  • Beverly Lipsey
  • Davis Rivera
  • Ash Sabripour, Chair
  • Patricia Woods

Membership & Recruitment Committee

  • Ashavan Doyon, Chair

Personnel Policy Committee

  • Caroline Bertrand
  • Andrea Fernandes
  • Anna Goodreau
  • Dawn Hines
  • Abril Navarro, Chair
  • Ash Sabripour
  • Christine Speek


Please consult the online Faculty Code (PDF) through the Office of the Provost/Dean of the Faculty for more details on ex officio staff committee membership and faculty appointment.

Administrative Staff Grievance Committee

Current Staff representatives: Not active, filled as needed.
Five full-time staff members, staggered three-year terms.

Review grievances which have not been able to be resolved through the Grievance Procedure (section 212) Steps 103 to determine whether they merit a full hearing; Convene hearings as needed during which cases will be reviewed in their entirety, including seeking additional information and interviewing involved parties; Issue written findings and recommendations to all parties and submit them to the President for review and final decision. This committee requires members who are discreet and who feel capable of keeping their work confidential.

Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA)

Current Staff representatives: Maddy Needly
Two staff members, staggered three-year terms.

Advise the President on matters relating to budgeting and financial planning for the college.

Campus Planning Committee (CPC)

Current Staff representative: Kate Wallen (2017)
Two staff members, one- to two-year terms.

Review all building and renovation projects with exterior design changes; Implement the Landscape Master Plan; Set and maintain standards for campus signage and outdoor furniture; Oversee decisions regarding campus traffic and parking matters; Make recommendations about installation of outdoor works of art.

The Staff Council creates ad hoc committees as the need arises. Ad hoc committees have broad representation; employees who are directly involved in an issue are represented.