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At the Spinelli Center, we’re happy to meet you where you are in your mathematics journey. Designed to close gaps in experience—whether you never took a core class in high school, haven’t been in the classroom in years or feel you need a refresher, we offer three courses to bring you up to speed and set you up for a successful Smith career in mathematics.

Course Descriptions

This course is intended for students who need additional preparation to succeed in courses containing quantitative material. It provides a supportive environment for learning or reviewing, as well as applying, arithmetic, algebra and mathematical skills. Students develop their numerical and algebraic skills by working with numbers drawn from a variety of sources. Enrollment limited to 20. Permission of the instructor required. This course does not carry a Latin Honors designation.

Normally offered each Fall.

Different from MTH 102.  A course continuing the development of quantitative skills and quantitative literacy begun in MTH/QSK 101. Students continue to exercise and review basic mathematical skills, to reason with quantitative information, to explore the use and power of quantitative reasoning in rhetorical argument, and to cultivate the habit of mind to use quantitative skills as part of critical thinking. Attention is given to visual literacy in reading graphs, tables and other displays of quantitative information and to cultural attitudes surrounding mathematics.

Normally offered each Spring.

This course provides a fast paced review of and intense practice of computational skills, graphing skills, algebra, trigonometry, elementary functions (pre­calculus) and computations used in calculus. Featuring a daily review followed by problem solving drills and exercises stressing technique and application, this course provides concentrated practice in the skills needed to succeed in courses that apply elementary functions and calculus. Students gain credit by completing all course assignments, including a final assessment to use in developing their own future math skills study plan. Enrollment limited to 20 students. This course is graded S/U only. Permission of the instructor required. This course does not count towards the major.

Normally offered each Interterm.

Helpful Resources

Spinelli Resources

Additional Resources

General Resources

  • Choosing a Statistical Test: Provides a table outlining statistical tests based on your type of data and study goal.
  • Online Textbooks: Used to be StatNotes from North Carolina State University. A resource for basic and advanced quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods. Includes an overview for when to use specific analyses, key concepts and terms, assumptions, frequently asked questions and even visual guides for using tests in SPSS and interpreting the outputs.
  • StatPages: Links to online statistics books, tutorials, downloadable software and related resources.

Tools and Resources for Analyzing Data

Asses Your Math Anxiety

Do you cringe when you have to go to math class? Are you afraid to ask questions? Assess your level of math anxiety.

Math Anxiety Reduction Checklist

Did you know that healthy habits such as good nutrition, exercise, and sufficient sleep can help to reduce math anxiety? Learn about more behaviors.

Math Study Skills Inventory

Do you have effective study skills? Take a self-assessment and learn about more behaviors that can be used to optimize your performance in courses requiring quantitative skills.

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