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Do you need a tool, book, or crafting supplies for your project?  Check out our new library that includes all supplies needed for sewing, wood working, basic prototyping, and more. We encourage you to borrow our tools instead of buying new ones! To use the DTI tool library, you will need to register an account, providing your address so that we can mail items to your residence if needed.


  • Register and wait for a confirmation email. Verify your email.
  • Go to the library, find the item you want to reserve and click “Reserve.”
  • Select the dates that you would like the items for and click "Add Items."
  • When you are all done with picking out your needed items, click on your cart and please indicate whether you need these items to be shipped to you or you will pick them up.
  • Please do not pick up your items at DTI yourself and wait for an email notifying your order is ready for pick up. However, If you have already accidentally picked up your item while you are checking out the tool in the building, indicate that you did in the notes so we can track its whereabouts!
  • If you are coming in to pick up your items, come in on your selected day where staff will locate and check out your selected items. 
  • Please return your reserved items on your indicated date with your name attached so we may check the tools back in and other students may use these tools as well!