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7-Generations stencil logo


I appreciate Patrick Thomas’: NO War (New Year’s Greeting), 2002 for the use of a stencil element and simplicity, and Trio Sarajevo, 1993 for using available images and icons, and lastly the sentiment of Milton Glaser’s It’s Not Warming It’s Dying, 2014 from The Design of Dissent Non-Breaking Space Exhibition No1.

7-Generations? displays my dissenting view towards convenience culture, single-use products, and short-term thinking represented through the alteration of the iconic 7-11 store logo. Replacing the word ‘eleven’ with ‘Generations?’ was to reference the 7 Generations Principal from the Iroquois’ Great Law of Peace (which is their unwritten constitution).  In essence, it says that every decision from the political, societal, and personal is to be made with the consideration of how it will impact the next seven generations. Convenience products (from the cradle to the grave) have undoubtedly added to the pollution of our natural environment as well as to social disparity in health.  I pose the two together in question as a way to ask pointedly, “Were the future seven generations considered in this?” and also as a way to imply “What if they were?”

The Project

Click to enlarge.

Stencil made with laser printer.


Experimenting with what it would look like to use the stencil as a framing for a picture.


The stencil lettering was too small for paint or markers to go through legibly. Need to experiment with other applications of color and enlarge the stencil.